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This iOS Augmented Reality APP makes it possible to see and understand the impact of the wall. Discover the border in lifesize at its historically position. The various historical stages, from construction until the fall, are historically reconstructed in cooperation with the Berlin Wall Foundation.

Based on interviews with contemporary witnesses, the stories told bring to life the experiences and feelings of the time.

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Discover Berlin history at home via Augmented Reality.

From Weimar Republic over Second World War to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the German reunification: Augmented Berlin allows to travel through time on smartphone or tablet.

Based on true events and eyewitnesses, events are told historically correct within an intense atmosphere. The APP was realized with Kulturprojekte Berlin.

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Peter Kolski grew up in the environment, which seems to leave no other choice than becoming an artist. In Berlin. The fascination of a digital world, led in early years to program own games. To express himself, first movies were done in school. To investigate the depth of the universe, he studied physics.

First steps in the art world began in 2001 with visuals installations in exhibitions.
So did he do first live visual shows as a VJ to live music. The VJ work was performed internationally in widely known clubs. Bildpeter played in multiple bands as live visualist to support the bands music experience. The film-work ranges from experimental films, political activism to band videos.

Science is seen by Peter Kolski as the beauty of thoughts and curiosity between nature and philosophy. His scientific work is strongly influenced by his art, as an unconventional way of investigation. The fields of self-organisation and complex systems are approached strongly visually.


“investigating the depth of the universe”


Drawing Robot

Programming – Drawing Robot

Peter Kolski - Programming Software iPad epidemics

Programming – Epedemic


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